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Review: Revolution Pro Miracle Eye Cream

Revolution Pro Miracle Eye Cream

If you have tried every 'miracle' eye cream out there and been disappointed with the results, you need to read this!

For a very low price, in comparison to other brands, the Revolution Pro Miracle Eye Cream will change your perception of what a simple gel cream can do for your face. I know because I tried it and was blown away with the results.

Retailing at under £10, this small pot of orange amazingness goes a long way and, in my experience, delivers a noticeable result in double-quick time. So, if you are looking for a product that will tackle signs of ageing, including dark circles, this is a really good bet.

Although small, what's in the pot goes a long way. You only need to use a small amount. My current pot is into its fifth week!

What It Does

What Revolution says about the cream...

Revolution claims the cream instantly hydrates and re-energises delicate skin around the eyes. It says the product brightens and firms the skin for a more youthful appearance in four weeks.

What I noticed:

  • Reduced puffiness

  • Diminished fine lines

  • Brighter skin

  • Smoother skin

The product is silky-smooth and delivers and instant cooling sensation. The benefits, for me, were noticeable within a week - a far cry from most eye creams I've used in the past.

Regime Skin Care
Me - just shy of my 57th birthday. Absolutely no filter used. Excuse my hair; it's still growing back after chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Pros And Cons

The only issue I have with this eye cream is that it is not suitable for wearing under heavy make-up. That is because it can 'pill'. However, it is perfect for night-time use or on days when you don't wear foundation.

The best thing about this product is its price - just £8. Also, the benefits are culminative.

A word of warning... Because of its popularity, this eye cream often sells out. While appearing on Amazon, stocks run low very quickly.

Where To Get It

To get your hands on it, you may have to add your name to a wait list on Revolution's website. It is definitely worth buying a couple of jars at a time.

The cream is so good, I panic if I forget to apply it.

Revolution, famous for its high-quality, low-price make-up, is now forging a great reputation for its skincare lines - including collaborations. I also recommend its toners, tonics, hydration mists and brightening Ginseng Eye Cream.

Let's hope the UK brand manages to maintain stocks of this product, along with its Miracle Face Cream.

For further information about Revolution Pro Miracle Eye Cream, visit Revolution Beauty at

*This is my genuine personal opinion. Other than being a repeat customer, I have no connection to Revolution Beauty.

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