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A Woman in Business with the Sparkle Factor

Updated: Jan 11

Meet 30-year-old Alice Ebdon, the entrepreneurial owner of The Lovely Housekeeping Company in Dorset.

Dorset cleaning company owner Alice Ebdon

She is a modern Cinderella with a burgeoning can-do attitude. A real go-getter, Alice Ebdon has built a successful business in the highly competitive cleaning sector.

If you think 'Bless this mess' is purely the domain of outdated slogans, think again. Where there's muck, there is nearly always brass - something that isn't lost on the savvy mother-of-two.

Recognised as an entrepreneur among her peers, she couldn't be better located to satisfy the growing demand for high-quality cleaning solutions.

As well as making sure holiday lets in picturesque West Dorset and East Devon meet the highest possible standards of cleanliness, The Lovely Housekeep Company offers a raft of specialist services.

They include end-of-tenancy and biohazard cleans, as well as professional commercial cleaning.

In addition, the business delivers personalised domestic cleaning services, oven cleaning (commercial and residential) and carpet cleaning.

The Lovely Housekeeping Company has a stellar reputation for commercial kitchen cleans and preparing hospitality businesses for life under new management.

The Lovely Housekeeping Company Lyme Regis
Alice (right) and the teamwork involved in carrying out a biohazard clean (left)

A business that is changing lives

We asked Alice what prompted her to start her own business.

"I’ve always had a streak of entrepreneurship in me following a background in content creating and network marketing," she explained. "I’ve always strived to create something that is recognised and known - loud and proud - and, most importantly, to change people's lives."

In fact, Alice and her band of hard-working hygiene experts are the go-to team to tackle hoarders' homes and those where the occupant may need non-judgemental support to keep on top of household chores.

These are jobs that are undertaken with care and compassion, while always delivering sparkling results.

before and after a biohazard clean
Before and after images from a recent end-of-tenancy clean

Facing up to challenges

As with any business, there are challenges.

Alice says: "Balancing all the areas of the business at once is like a juggling act! Managing staff, calls, enquiries... The cleaning is the easy part!"

There are positives to running her own business, she points out.

"The best thing about working for myself is not having to answer to anyone and knowing what I’m building is for my future for my family. Also, of course, days off can be taken when I like.

"I am extremely proud of what I’ve achieved in two years, starting from a care assistant to a solo cleaner to a running business with a fully booked diary and five team members.

"If you have the drive to achieve something in life, you will do it. There will be bumps along the road, but every day is a learning curve."

Alice Ebdon of The Lovely Housekeeping Company

Growing her Dorset cleaning business

Alice isn't resting on her laurels, though. Scaling and growing her business is a priority.

She said: "We have massive plans to grow The Lovely Housekeeping Company. I want it o be the best company around, offering the highest standards of cleaning. We want to continue our expertise, with lots more training. We learn every day."

For International Women's Day 2023, Alice wants to give other women thinking of going into business encouragement.

"My advice to others is to set a plan and make it happen," she says. "You might fail, but at least you tried.

"You cannot create the life of your dreams sitting at home daydreaming."

She adds: "Be professional and start with free advertising - there’s so much out there you can use to create a business."

For further information about The Lovely Housekeeping Company, which is based in Lyme Regis, visit:

Alice Ebdon
Alice Ebdon

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