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The best handheld fan for drying makeup setting spray

Recharageable handheld fan in base

Not once, not twice but three times I’ve had the Nimya handheld fan by NikkieTutorials in my shopping basket on Beauty Bay. 

The first time, I abandoned my cart - put off by the £15 price tag. The second time, when it had come down in price to circa £12, I decided it wasn’t a necessity. The third time, when it was just £10.50, I was determined to buy it but thought… I’ll just pop over to Amazon, to see if they’ve got something similar that is cheaper. And, they did.

So, instead of buying the blue and red ‘Blow before you go’ fan by NikkieTutorials, I snapped up a baby pink alternative for… Wait for it…. £3.99!

I am writing about this fan because it has surpassed all my expectations for the price.

Why a handheld fan?

I don’t know about you, but waiting for makeup setting spray to dry in the mornings really irritates me. It seems to take forever and no amount of fanning my face with my hands - or the nearest thing I can grab that may do the job quicker. I can picture myself walking from room to room, thinking Hurry up! And Don’t let my mascara run.

Setting spray is an essential in my routine. Not just because it fixes my makeup in place for hours but because it eliminates a powdery finish. My perfect look usually requires at least two cycles of setting spray, and the drying time is onerous. It can add five minutes or more to my beauty regimen. Not great when I'm in a rush.

A handheld fan promises to do the job quicker. Hence, buying one has been on my radar for at least the past 18 months.

While there are plenty of tiny, handbag-size fans available, it is only recently that I’ve spotted the larger handheld ones with stands. 

Hianjoo handheld fan

Hianjoo handheld fan

This product is a Prime item on Amazon, so I received it the day after ordering. It came nicely packaged, with clear instructions and a USB charger.

Price: £3.99 in a sale but normally retails at around the £4.50 mark.

It is available in three colour variations - the baby pink I purchased as well as baby blue and white.

Size: 20cm in length and 10cm wide. 

The fan is supplied with a non-slip base, so it can be used for multiple cooling tasks. It is definitely something I will keep on at night during hot, humid weather. It can also be placed on a desk to keep you cool while working.

This product has three speed settings.

Each charge lasts between three-and-a-half to one-and-a-half hours, depending on the speed setting you use. 

What immediately struck me is the product’s size. It’s not tiny. Another plus-point is that it is well-made with great aesthetics. It looks lovely on my bedside table. 

The fan arrived ready-charged, which was fantastic because the Amazon man delivered it just as I was about to start getting ready for a night out.

I tried all three speed settings and each one was sufficient to dry setting spray in around 40 seconds. The second setting is probably my favourite, because it does the job without draining the battery too quickly - or messing up my hair!

The fan felt comfortable in my hand, not too light and not too heavy.

Another thing that impresses me about the Hianjoo handheld fan is the non-slip base. It really does stay put.

This handheld fan is made from quality plastic and boasts a double circuit board to guard against over-charging. 

Hianjoo is a trademark of the Anjoo Technology Company. It is a respected manufacturer of alarm clocks, fans and other electrical items.

Using a handheld fan to set makeup

How to use a handheld fan in makeup application

A handheld fan is an essential tool for anywho who wears makeup. Consider it akin to the necessity of using a magnified mirror.

As well as quickly drying setting spray, it can be used to speed up the drying time of mascara between coats.

If you use a spray primer, this tool can get it to the right level of dampness and tackiness - if you happen to over-apply.

I use my fan to set my makeup base before using it again to dry setting spray.

I set my makeup in stages during the application process. Depending on how much and the type of products I am using, this can be done in two or three cycles.

For best results, hold the fan 10 to 15 centimetres away from the face. Move it to target the wettest areas first. Because of its size, this fan covers a wide area of the face - meaning less hand movements.

I love this fan and think, because of the exceptionally low price, it is an absolute bargain.


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