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Sizzling Summer Makeup Ideas

Updated: Jan 30

The sun is shining and you are raring to strut your stuff. You've got a day at the beach planned, fancy a night out or are off on holiday. You want to look standout gorgeous but aren't sure what summer makeup look is right for you. Sound familiar?

Makeup trends change with the season and, accordingly, so should your look.

Capturing the spirit of sun-drenched, carefree, lazy days requires attention to not just colours but detail.

Bond girl Bo Derek summed up the beach babe look in the '70s when set the trend for braids. But makeup - and styles - have moved on a lot since then

Haven't got the time to faff about with eyeliners, false eyelashes and fake tan? Here are some simple ways to instantly switch up your look for summer.

emerald green eyeshadow

Glow Like A Goddess

If your skin is on the pale side after winter and you haven't got the time nor inclination to get a spray tan, a simple bronzer will do the trick on your face. Choose a liquid or cream format to give your skin a super-dewy finish. If you only have powdered bronzer to hand, don't forget to moisturise and prime your skin first - and use a setting spry after. Build up your bronzed look gradually, so you don't end up feeling like you've been dipped in gravy powder.

Add a dab of highlighter to your upper cheeks to finish the off your summer makeup look. Be careful not to apply too much and avoid areas with fine lines or wrinkles. Just a small amount of shimmer is all you need.

summer makeup ideas

Swap Dull For Vibrant

If you are used to blending two or three shades of eyeshadow to create depth or texture, summer is the time to just go for all-out, but simple, bold. Exchange nude pigments for a single vibrant shade. No need for blending or colour-matching. Sweep the colour across your lid and slightly above the crease line. Finish off the look by using the same pigment along your lower lash line. With a few coats of mascara, you are ready to go.

This is the time of year when you can get away with bright blue, green and purple pigments. Try experimenting and see what you think.

lip gloss

Time For Lips To Shine

Lip gloss is an absolute 'must' during the summer. You can either apply a clear gloss over a lipstick, use it on its own or invest in some new shades. There's nothing like a pop of colour on your lips to bring a look together. Don't be afraid to use a gloss with shimmer. Consider a shimmer bomb or lip gloss crayon for easy, on-the-go application.

When choosing a shade, think of coral and peach tones. Save the reds for evenings.

the goddess look

Finishing Touches

If you want to go all-out for a summer look, consider adding some glitter to your face. A small amount applied to the top of the cheekbone or eyes can elevate a so-so look to 'Wow'.

Co-ordinate your cheek and lip colours (you can use a lipstick as a blusher) with matching nail varnish. Don't be afraid to wear sunglasses with coloured frames. Again, these can be co-ordinated - this time with an outfit. If you are concerned about crows' feet or wrinkles, sunglasses are a great way to hide them. If you do choose to wear shades, don't forget to apply some lip colour to brighten up your face.

Summer Makeup Don'ts

When it's hot outside, the last thing you want is for your makeup to run. Keep your look simple so it can be touched up quickly.


  • Heavy eyeliner

  • Mascara that isn't waterproof

  • Too much powder - it will allow the sun to highlight every line or blemish on your face.

  • Dark or nude shades of eyeshadow - save those for winter

Not yet sure what your summer makeup ideas will look like? Try experimenting and invest in some new products to give yourself a little nudge.

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