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Makeup Addict's Mega Money Saving Tip

Updated: May 19

Is your makeup bag looking a bit grotty? Sick of having to negotiate smashed powders, snapped or gunky concealer sticks and shabby mini eye palettes you've hoarded for donkey's years? If you want to invest in new products but keep putting it off because you aren't convinced your budget will stretch the month let alone withstand a blow-out in Superdrug, think again.

Don't risk eye infections and blemishes by continuing to use old cosmetics. Stick them in the bin - and, while you are at it, chuck your cosmetics bag in there with them.

For years, I piled everything from old lipsticks to setting powder into a disgusting, antiquated spa basket which I kept on top of a toilet cistern. Apart from being the worst possible place to store products destined for the face, nothing was worth keeping.

Not one item was still intact. If it wasn't leaking, reduced to little more than a mass of crumbs or plain old grubby, it was missing a lid or original applicator.

That was 15 years ago - before I became a makeup addict. I was just a simple hoarder back then.

Eventually, I got a black bin bag and put the whole darned lot in it - spa basket and all. I can't recall if I was moved to take such action by a decorating project or finally saw sense.

Either way, I started again. The fact that I kept going (and going) is another story.

cheap makeup

Money Saving Tip For Replacing Cosmetics

There are ways to replenish your makeup without spending a small fortune. How does under 18p per product sound? While there are plenty of bundle deals around at the moment, I don't recommend them - you will end up back at square one. Lots and lots of individual products are harder to store, a pain to find when you need something and just an all-round hassle.

The cheapest - and most savvy - way to start again is to invest in a complete face palette. As well as being easy to store hygienically, you won't have to add much to make your collection complete. They also aid the application process, making it much easier - ensuring nearly everything is to hand in one product.

A good palette will include pigments for the face, cheeks, eyes and lips. So the only additional items you may require are a foundation, mascara, eyeliner, brushes or a blending sponge, and setting spray. It's worth noting that some palettes include essential tools too.

Book-style palettes are completely dustproof, often with a magnetic close. They are slim enough to be stored in a dressing table drawer but large enough to contain a good mix of basic but adaptable products.

Face palettes don't just save you money - they are more environmentally friendly with less packaging, which is often recyclable.

Below I explain my top money saving tip in more detail.

'If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.' – Coco Chanel

Mega Beauty Steals

My top money saving buy is the Revolution Pro X Lan Nguyen Grealis Ultimate Artist Palette. What's it got? Pretty much the lot! I love it. In this palette, you will find blushers, bronzers, highlighters, eyeshadow, and lip colours. It is perfect for every-day use. I am spellbound by its sleek, book-style case with black and gold mock crock cover. The bronzers are fab and the lip colours can be blended to make your own shades. All the eyeshadows can be mixed and matched with pigments from other palettes. Highly pigmented, they really take colour to the next level. Suitable for all skin types, including mature. The best bit? You can pick this little beauty up for between £9.99 and £15.

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The e.j.f palette by Mimore comes with 52 fab colours, including eyeshadow, face contour pigments, blusher and lip colours. Suitable for all skin tones, the pigments are sweatproof and waterproof. You can pick up this kit for around £8.99, meaning you will pay less than 18p per pigment.

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Here's the I Heart Revolution Disney Storybook. Exclusively for the face and eyes, this palette comes in a range of Disney character-themed shades. The one I've got here is Cinderella. I find the face pigments all have a sheen, so this makeup book may not be the best choice for mature skin. You can pick up these palettes from £7 to £15.

Disney makeup

UCanBe's all-in-one travel case makeup kit has been trending since early this year. It is packed with eyeshadows, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, brushes, concealer, brow powders and more. It is regularly on offer for £19.99 but can rise in price to over £50. If you want to know when it is on offer, let me know and I will keep you in the loop.

cheap makeup set

Here's another offering from UCanBe. This is the brand's114 shade Mirror palette. It is bundled with 15 make-up brushes, eyeshadow primer and two blending sponges. Includes pigments for the face. The regular price is £26.99 but it is sometimes on offer for below £23.

Ucanbe Mirror palette

You see, you can replace lots of individual items for a single product that works out cheaper and is much easier to look after.

More Tips From A Makeup Addict

Don't be slovenly when it comes to taking care of your make up. Look after it and it will look after you.

  • Never store cosmetics in a bathroom, toilet or kitchen

  • Keeps brushes in a dust-free environment and regularly clean them

  • Wash cosmetic bags on a regular basis and throw away products that are broken or loose

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