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Eyeshadow Hacks For Mature Skin

Updated: Jan 11

Eyeshadow, by its very nature, is appealing. With rows of beautiful pigments regimentally lined up in attractive palettes, it is easy to get carried away. This makeup allows you to easily create dramatic or subtle looks in just a few strokes of a brush. Unfortunately, it is often tempting to go for something ever so slightly over the top - even though those of us with mature skin know we are committing a beauty faux pas. Ah, the temptation... Hence, the need for some eyeshadow hacks.

It is important to get the balance of colour just right, with shades that will flatter your skin tone - and avoid too much shimmer. That is easier said than done when the range of pigments currently on the market is vast and leans heavily towards shimmers and metallics.

Hooded lids, crinkly creases and dark spots dictate that eye pigments must be applied with careful thought. Heavy application or the wrong shade of eyeshadow can dramatically 'age' you.

eyeshadow for mature skin

Getting Eye Makeup Right

For an eyeshadow addict, like me, it is often a good idea to take your inspiration from people who get their makeup spot on. I write as someone who makes a careful note of eye makeup when watching TV. Everyone from news readers and actors to reality show stars get the once over!

For mature skin, Kelly Siegler's eyeshadow is the epitome of 'just right'. The Texan 50-something is a former Harris County prosecutor and now heads up a team of investigators on CBS Reality's Cold Justice series. She always wears the same matte nude tones, in the same way - starting with a light shade from the inner eye to the middle of the lid and then introducing darker shades. The effect is truly stunning.

Achieving the right look with eyeshadow requires more than a steady hand and a bit of imagination.

Here are the tools and products I strongly recommend you have to hand:

  • Brushes designed specifically for eye makeup

  • Moisturising eye cream or gel

  • Eyeshadow primer

  • Makeup setting spray

Create a base before you apply a pigment. Start with a moisturiser. Gently apply to the eyelids before using the primer.

When applying eyeshadow always use light strokes. Hold the brush two thirds of the way down the handle. It is easier to add more pigment than to remove makeup that has been applied too heavily.

eyeshadow pigments

Eyeshadow Products To Avoid

  • Cream eyeshadows

  • Shimmering shades

  • Glitter

  • Vibrant colours

  • Unbranded palettes

Stick to matte shades - they are less likely to emphasise fine lines and wrinkles - and try to buy a crease-proof product. I recommend you look at options on offer from Clinique, Neutrogena and Rimmel.

Nude shades are universally flattering so, if you are not sure how to match your skin tone with an eyeshadow colour, stick with neutral pigments.

Apply a light shade on the lid and limit darker shades to the lash line and eyelid crease. Use a teaspoon to help you create a more defined crease and apply the eyeshadow with light strokes before buffing with a fluffy brush.

Don't use a highlighter under the brow if you have mature skin. Instead, make the arch of the eyebrow more pronounced with a matte cream-coloured shade.

Keep your makeup in place all day long with a good quality setting spray. As well as holding your look it will eliminate a powdery finish.

Your eyes are the most important beauty feature others notice. Make the most of them with eyeshadow that complements your skin and brings your face to life.

Remember: go for matte, keep the application light and add darker colours sparingly.

For eyeshadow ideas, visit our Makeup page.

Physicians Formula eyeshadow palette


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