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Eyeshadow Addict: Flat Lay Collections

Updated: Jan 11

Showing off collections in flat lay photography format is a thing, if you are an eyeshadow addict.

If you have been doing this for a while, me too!

I didn't even realise it was in vogue until I found a post about it on Reddit. Up until then, I assumed hauls of eyeshadow palettes were possibly an off-beat or even a personal thing. I mean, not everyone will want to be as up-front as I am about what they spend their money on. Turns out, us eyeshadow addicts think alike.

If you are passionate about something enough to form a collection, why not catalogue it? Why should eyeshadow be any different from a coin or stamp collection? After all, they come in named, and sometimes limited edition, shades and are extremely pleasing to look at.

Below, I share some of my collections. I'd be happy to include your flat lay images too - just contact me and I will add them to this page. Your photography will be better than mine, I guarantee!

I'd also be interested to know what palettes are on your 'to buy' or wish list. The ones I want to get my hands on include products from:

  • Lime Crime

  • theBalm

  • Zeesea

  • Urban Decay (limited editions only)

  • Revolution's Simpsons range

  • Ciate

  • Docolor (book palettes only)

'Makeup is about balance. When the eye makes a statement, the lips should be quiet.' - Francois Nars

eyeshadow addict

Revolution Chocolate Eyeshadow Palettes

I started this collection the easy way - with a vault tin. It contained around five or six palettes, some of them minis and some not exactly eyeshadow, to get me started. Since then, I've added quite a few - most recently Turkish Delight. I was also gifted the Galactic palette for Easter. In total, I have 12 in this range.

What I most like about these palettes is that they are well designed and made. I especially like the design of the interior and the way pigments are named. The mirrors are good quality and large, which is an added bonus. Inexpensive for what you get, I rate this range for its sheer number of pigments and the depth of colour you can achieve. Highly pigmented, each one is easy to both blend and build.

My favourites are Sprinkles and Turkish Delight.

eyeshadow collection

Flat Lay Image of Book Eyeshadow Palettes

The first book palette I bought was from Revolution's Disney range. It contains blushers, bronzers and highlighters on one side and eyeshadows on the other. It's not my favourite 'book' because the face pigments, to me, are basically all highlighters - they have got far too much shimmer for every-day use.

The best book I've got is the Revolution Pro X Lan Nguyen Grealis Ultimate Artist Palette. It contains all the iconic eyeshadow pigments you will ever need to mix and match with shades from other palettes, as well as matte bronzers and blushers, lip colours and highlighters. I rate it for its versatility and style.

book eyeshadow palettes

Special Purchase Eyeshadows

This collection includes a limited edition chest by Tarte. The eyeshadows are matched with face pigments in interchangeable sections, which can be moved to a magnetic compact (in the chest's bottom drawer) for makeup on the go. Not available to buy in the UK, I sourced it directly from Tarte in the United States.

Not a purchase but close to my heart is the Revolution Pro Ultimate Crystal Eyeshadow Palette Bejewelled - Revolution gifted it to me when I became a Gold member in their rewards programme. The glitters are the best ever. A recent addition is the Revolution Heatwave Glow. I've included this in Special Purchases purely on the basis of the number of tutorials for it on YouTube.

goddess eyeshadow

These illustrations show just part of my collection. I also have snow globe palettes, more Revolution eyeshadows and palettes from Barry M, NARS, Soap & Glory and more.

In case you are wondering... Yes, I do wear my eyeshadows. They are in constant use!

I've shown you mine - now let's see yours.



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