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7 compelling reasons to use tanning drops

Updated: Jan 11

self-tan drops

If money is a bit tight and your face is lacking a summer glow, tanning drops are a quick and inexpensive route to that goddess look.

Of all the self-tan products on the market, this one is the easiest to use. You can achieve a perfect tan in your sleep. I'm not kidding.

So, whether you want to go all-out bronze or simply take the edge off a pasty complexion, these serums - yes, serums - are a great buy.

For this feature, I tested Revolution's Brighten Tanning Serum. The aim was to take my very fair skin a few shades darker for the holiday season.

This is what I discovered...

Woman with tanning drops in serum bottles

Self-tan drops are cheaper than a spray tan

If you only want to bronze-up your face and neck, why splash out on a spray tan? Tanning drops will last longer and give you more control over the depth colour. What's more, you can achieve a tan in the comfort of your own home - without having to make a journey or strip off in front of a stranger.

Generally, you can expect a spray tan to last for around a week. One bottle of tanning drops could last you as long as a month.

No-mess tanning

Self-tan drops are nothing like the tanning creams of yesteryear. For a start, they smell great. And you won't find marks on your pillow in the morning. This is the fuss-free way to get an all-year-round glow.

Tanning drops deliver a gradual tan

Ever woken up looking like you have been Tangoed? Me too! Well, tanning drops will save you that worry. They allow you to build a tan gradually over the course of few days to a week. You are in charge. You can stop and start using this product to maintain your perfect level of colour.

Woman applying tanning drops

Buildable self-tanning

Because tanning drops work gradually, the tan is buildable. That means you can achieve a deeper tan simply by continuing to apply it. The product comes in a dropper bottle, giving you complete control over how much product is used in each application.

Tanning drops don't streak

Self-tan drops deliver an even, streak-free tan. What's more, the product will not settle in pores. If you have combination skin or are prone to blackheads, this is great news.

Easiest self-tan product to apply

Tanning drops are applied as part of a skincare routine. Simply use it in the same way as a serum.

Tan drops have fringe benefits

Because the active ingredient, DHA, is in a serum, beauty brands have been quick to ensure products deliver more than a tan. Many come with great added extras, like Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Vitamin E and even Aloe Vera.

Woman with a tanned face

My experience with tan drops

I have had some disastrous encounters with tanning products in the past. It's the curse of having a complexion that is a whiter shade of pale. Legs that looked like streaky bacon was nowhere near my worst experience. I've looked orange. I have resembled a new potato that has been rolled in Bisto. Once, the outcome was so bad that I had to have a professional facial. That unexpected expense was the result of a self-tanning lotion that decided to settle in every pore on my nose. I woke up one morning peppered with unsightly black dots.

Oh, the lure of that golden goddess look... Another time, I was on holiday at a spa hotel in Torquay and decided to have a spray tan between checking out and driving back to Dorset. Big mistake. The person doing the spray tan was tall, blonde, beautiful and young - which, to be honest, made me feel uncomfortable. Well, old.

Having to strip off and step into paper undies, turn this way and turn that way... It was humiliating. Afterwards, I had to hang around in a loose robe to ensure the tanning solution was dry before I got dressed. It was all to no avail. I ended up looking like I'd spent the weekend on a Commando course. And by the time I realised, I was 50 miles away.

As you can imagine, I wasn't quite sure what to expect with the new kid on the block (tanning drops). I assumed they would be almost the same as self-tan lotions. I imagined a horrible, lingering smell, a mess everywhere and the almost obligatory streaks.

What a pleasant surprise I was in for!

I decided to use the product at night and, according to the the brand's marketing, could expect to build a tan over a week. That first night, the end of the week couldn't come soon enough!

This product is a proper serum. It is clear, effortless to apply and smells amazing. I decided to exfoliate my skin in the mornings, so the drops were fitted into my evening schedule between gentle cleansing and moisturising. I noticed a difference after the first use.

Unfortunately, temptation got the better of me... The second night, I applied the drops after cleansing but did not use a moisturiser. I waited half an hour and applied some more. I woke up in the middle of the night and, oops!, did it again. The following morning, I woke up very bronzed indeed. A little too bronzed. I noticed people doing a double-take when they clapped eyes on me at work.

After laying off the tanning serum for a night, the colour was just right. I have worked out that, for me, I only need to use a few drops before applying moisturiser.

Revolution Beauty's Brighten Tanning Serum retails at around £11.99. It is sold in a 30ml dropper bottle. I purchased this product. Alternative brands include Skinny Tan and Isle of Paradise.

tanning serum

How will you build your tan?

Tanning drops are a good alternative to the traditional spray tan and messy tanning lotions. Customisable, they let you decide just how much you want to glow. With sunbathing a complete no-no due to the damaging effects of UV, it is great to know there is an affordable and reliable option now available.

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19 июн. 2022 г.

I can't tan in real life (hello redhead genes) and often thought of using self-tanner but have never got around to doing it as I am so pale I worry everything could end up looking so orange, haha! Tanning drops sound really interesting though and like a good option to try out!

Molly |

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