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10 Autumn Makeup Ideas For 2022

Updated: Jan 11

Major fashion houses have unveiled their autumn/winter collections for this year, setting catwalks on fire with a fresh take on ready-to-wear and trend-setting pieces. The colours in those collections will influence autumn makeup trends, so get ready to make some notes.

autumn makeup ideas

Dusky pink, purples and blue paired with grey or black are colour themes seen across multiple brands. Still on trend are those oh-so bold neons - green, yellow and blue, in particular.

While camel colours and some tweeds have featured, neutral is not where it is at in 2022.

This gives you enormous scope when it comes to cosmetics. While we all have our own unique quirks, what is in vogue usually dictates one or more element of how we wear makeup.

Whether you are a casual observer of trends or strive to slay every new look, knowing what is likely to be hot at any given time of the year is always useful.

You don't have to buy clothes from Versace or Prada to be where fashion is at. Even budget clothing brands follow trends, so the colour themes we have seen are likely to be replicated throughout the clothing industry.

makeup autumn 2022

Buying Pigments For Autumnal Looks

It is often cheaper to buy seasonal eye and lip pigments a few months in advance - when they are not in demand. As well as saving you money, buying early will give you some time to play around with them - offering ample opportunity to perfect your autumnal look. Take a look in the Sale sections of online beauty brands - you will be amazed at what you can find for next to nothing. Our Makeup section is also awash with great bargains!

When buying makeup for a particular time of year, purchase only the essentials to keep the cost down. Take a look at your current palettes, lipsticks and blushers. You may already have all the shades you need. If you don't, you may be able to create the right colours by mixing the pigments you've got.

makeup trends 2022

Try These 10 Autumn Makeup Ideas

Black is definitely back this autumn and we want you to bear this in mind when reading the suggestions below. It is worth noting that many of those vibrant neons seen on the catwalk have been blouses paired with black trousers or a black jacket.

1. Black eyeliner - lots of it. The trend is likely to be on heavy eyeliner, both on the upper and lower lids. If you're a fan, this is going to be your season.

2. Cat eyes. Because black is back, this look is going to be popular. If you struggle to create straight lines, we have a guide to the top video tutorials on this blog.

3. Plum eyeshadow and lipstick. It works well with black, purples and even with more neutral attire.

4. Barely there pinks, oranges and reds for the eyes with no eyeliner or the eyeshadow swept under the eye. Give it a go.

5. Grey eyeshadow. Slate grey could be big this year, if influencers decide to use it with all that black eyeliner.

6. Neon pigments on the eyes will be a must if you wear any of the vibrant themes seen on the catwalk. Greens and blues are your best bet.

7. Go for bold on the lips - sunglasses are still going to be a 'thing' in September, October and November. If you won't be wearing specs, clear lip gloss is the alternative must.

8. We have seen some all-black outfits adorned with chains in the collar area, reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. This could give you some scope to add a bit of sparkle to the eyes. Silver or gold glitter, dependant on the colour of the chain.

9. Contour pigments for the cheeks, rather than blusher, is tipped to be in vogue.

10. The light, natural look is what you should be aiming for when it comes to foundation. The bronzed goddess is definitely out.

eyeshadow styles

Practice Makes Perfect

Trying a new makeup look ten minutes before you are due to go out is almost doomed to disaster. Save yourself time and a lot of micellar water by perfecting a style during your spare time. When autumn arrives, you will be glad that you did.

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